My phone just shows my extension and there's no dial tone

If the display on your classroom phone shows only your extension, you might need to logoff the phone and log back on.    This article only applies to the classroom phones with the two line display.   It will not work on office phone or the new black phones.

Very important!!!    For this procedure, the password is the same as your phone's extension.

The steps to logoff your phone are:

  1. Press the red hold button.
  2. Dial LOGOFF (564663) on the phone.    You spell it out on the keypad of the phone.
  3. Press # to logoff.
  4. It will ask to confirm the logoff.   Press # to confirm it.
  5. The phone should show a prompt for an extension.

The steps to log back on the phone:
  1. Enter the extension of your phone.   i.e.  77103
  2. Press the # sign.
  3. The phone will prompt for a password.    Enter the extension again.   i.e. 77103
  4. Press the # sign.
  5. The phone should now be ready to use again.    However, you might have to do this procedure again, if it doesn't work the first time.

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