Light pen issues

We have received a lot of calls from folks saying that their light pens aren't working properly.     A lot of times, we found that the light pens just need to be calibrated.   

To calibrate the light pens:

1. Look for a green chain link icons on the bottom right of your computer screen.  
2. Right click on the chain link icon.
3. Select Calibrate.
4. On the white board using your light pen, click on each of the 4 circles as they appear one by one on the screen.  
5. After calibration, your light pen should work a lot better.

Calibration is required every time the projector is moved, bumped, or adjusted in the picture size.   Be mindful, that during the summer, a lot of the projectors and filters were cleaned and thus, they go moved.

Have a GREAT day!!!!

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